Blog Posts Suspended Until 7th May

April 16, 2010

The UK research councils operate a system of ‘purdah’ in the run up to a general election. This requires its funded research centres to suspend all communications related to policy issues. The ESRC has therefore requested that we suspend this blog until 7th May 2010.

The Trial that will Make or Break the UK Cartel Offence Begins Today: The British Airways Four

April 11, 2010

(by Andreas Stephan) The trial of four British Airways employees charged with fixing fuel surcharges under the Enterprise Act 2002 is expected to begin today. This is the first real test for the OFT’s most powerful weapon against cartels. There are a number of factors which make this trial both compelling and extremely important. Not least, the fact that one of the individuals is still an employee of British Airways, was promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing after he was charged, and recently received share options in the company worth £300kRead the rest of this entry »

Conservatives Promise a Predictable Energy Policy, but Lack Credibility

April 6, 2010

(by Catherine Waddams)  The British Conservative Party has produced an energy policy document titled ‘Rebuilding Security’.  They argue that if governments provide a clear energy policy, they reduce uncertainty in the market and so also the cost of capital for the substantial investments required in generation, transmission and distribution. The result will be lower prices. The general idea is sound, but it relies fundamentally on the credibility of the proposed policy.  Read the rest of this entry »